Report Helps to Understand the Risk of Silica Sand

X-ray showing Silicosis complicada in the lungs. photo: Wikimedia Commons

OSHA rules on workplace toxics stalled by Jim Morris for iWatch News At 58, retired machinist Bruce Revers is tethered to his oxygen machines — a wall unit when he’s at home, a portable tank when he’s out. The simple […]

Drilling Risks: Research Suggests Natural Gas Leases Violate SEC Rules of Fraud

A natural gas well drilled on private property in Tioga County, PA. photo: Melissa A. Troutman

Gas Drilling Doublespeak Landowners Say Companies Kept Them in the Dark on Risks by Environmental Working Group (EWG) Gas drilling companies routinely warn their investors of a litany of possible disasters – such as leaks, spills, explosions, bodily […]