Wasted Land: the Pitfalls of Brownfield Restoration


EPA’s ‘Brownfields’ program coming up short Thousands of polluted properties remain despite $1.5 billion in federal help By Gwyneth Shaw, Beverly Ford, Evelyn Larrubia for The Center for Public Integrity In Oak Creek, Wis., a fence slashed with holes surrounds a barren […]

Mapping Pollution Facilities in the U.S. for Air, Water, Soil, and Infrastructure

air pollution facility

view full searchable map » About this map To begin exploring how air pollution may affect your community, use this interactive map of more than 17,000 facilities that have emitted hazardous chemicals into the air. Color-coded dots and […]

Reaching the American Dream in Sickness

Massive concentration of industry in San Francisco Bay area has resulted in severe pollution problems. photo: Rain, Belinda (Wikimedia Commons)

Living in industry’s shadow: After years of illnesses, family looks for answers by Janet Wilson for California Watch The Martin family lives 10 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, in a neat yellow house in a city called Maywood. Starting a […]