Video Project Uses Poetry to Expose Crimes


Whispers from the Field If America’s fields could speak, what stories would they tell about sexual abuse migrant women face? That’s the question that poet Monica Mendoza asks in the Off/Page Project’s inaugural video, “Whispers from the Field.” […]

“Harvest of Shame” A Documentary on Migrant Workers in America

Migrant agricultural worker's family. Seven hungry children. Mother aged thirty-two. Father is a native Californian. Destitute in pea picker's camp, Nipomo, California, because of the failure of the early pea crop. These people had just sold their tent in order to buy food. Of the twenty-five hundred people in this camp most of them were destitute. photo: Wikimedia Commons

by CBS This CBS Reports episode, shows impoverished conditions and the exploitation of millions of migratory farm workers in the United States, some of whom worked for as little as a dollar a day. Spokesmen for various groups […]

Pesticides Fight New Battle w/ Link to Rare Kidney Disease

Monsanto Lasso herbcide to be sprayed on food crops. Generic is Alachlor. photo: Wikimedia Commons

COUNTRIES TARGET PESTICIDES AS SUSPECTED LINK TO RARE KIDNEY DISEASE by Sasha Chavkin for International Consortium of Investigative Journalists On opposite ends of the world, governments are cracking down on pesticides as a potential cause of a mysterious […]

Outdated Pesticide Regulations Put 2.5 Million Farmworkers at Risk

Spraying pesticide in California. Photo: USDA, Charles O'Rear

Farmworker advocates press EPA to update pesticide rules by Ronnie Greene for The Center for Public Integrity Saying they are plagued by pesticides but protected by only a thin layer of government regulation, farmworkers and their advocates are […]

NYTimes Tells Story of the First Genetically Engineered Tomato

Top: Lesser cornstalk borer larvae extensively damaged the leaves of this unprotected peanut plant. (Image Number K8664-2)-Photo by Herb Pilcher.
Bottom: After only a few bites of peanut leaves of this genetically engineered plant (containing the genes of the Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) bacteria), this lesser cornstalk borer larva crawled off the leaf and died. photo: Wikimedia Commons (before, 1999)

Test Tube Tomato by NYTimes In the 1990s, entrepreneurs and scientists brought the first genetically engineered food to market. The business crashed but biotechnology has flourished far beyond the produce aisle. Read the story here:  

Victims of ‘The American Dream’


Video: Hidden in the Harvest by Ariane Wu & Marina Luz for CIR  Three women came to the U.S. looking for a better life, but what they found wasn’t the American dream. See what they say they had […]