Longwall Mining for Clean Coal ‘Permanently’ Damaged 6 Streams in Pennsylvania

[longwall mining machine] 19 maj 2011, Deutsches Bergbaumuseum, Bochum. 

New scrutiny of ‘longwall’ mining finds damage in Pennsylvania streams by Kristen Lombardi for Public Integrity The brutally efficient coal-extraction method known as “longwall mining” has permanently damaged a half dozen streams in Pennsylvania, state regulators have found […]

Triple Divide: The Judys

Judy standing with contaminated water drawn from her well. © J.B.Pribanic

A Look at Drill Waste Pits and Groundwater by Melissa Troutman, Laurel Dammann, and Joshua Pribanic “It was 2007, and my water well was fine. I mean, I didn’t have any problem with it. I was cooking, drinking, […]

Triple Divide: Fracking Pennsylvania’s Exceptional Value Waters

The Cherry Springs vista [pictured here] forms headwaters for Pennsylvania's largest spread of Exceptional Value streams, the state's highest recognized classification by DEP for healthy ecosystems. These virgin hydrologic landscapes also hold exceptional resources for the Marcellus Shale Play. © J.B.Pribanic

The following is a Triple Divide chapter (w/ files) on natural gas drilling violations in Exceptional Value watersheds where fracking has occurred — fracking is a process of using water, sand, chemicals and pressure to opens cracks in deep shale layers […]

Court Rules Part of Act 13 Fracking Law Unconstitutional

David Headley, a Split Estate landowner, has been adversely affected by natural gas development since drilling beganon his property in 2006. © J.B.Pribanic

Parts of Pa. law favored by frackers overturned by Alice Su Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court overturned parts of the state’s controversial Act 13 on Thursday, returning zoning authority over natural gas drilling to the municipalities and townships that had contested the […]

Pennsylvania Violations: With Every New Oil & Gas Well Drilled There Are No Guarantees

well and violation chart

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Oil and Gas Reporting Website,  oil and gas operators in the state have amassed 20,942 violations in the past decade, 3,393 of them issued for Marcellus Shale oil and gas wells. From […]

Shoveling Water: Predrill Tests


This story was updated on January 4, 2012. What if a predrill water well test conducted during the biggest boom for natural gas became meaningless? At least one predrill test in Pennsylvania has been deemed insufficient by natural […]

Drilling Risks: Research Suggests Natural Gas Leases Violate SEC Rules of Fraud

A natural gas well drilled on private property in Tioga County, PA. photo: Melissa A. Troutman

Gas Drilling Doublespeak Landowners Say Companies Kept Them in the Dark on Risks by Environmental Working Group (EWG) Gas drilling companies routinely warn their investors of a litany of possible disasters – such as leaks, spills, explosions, bodily […]

Drinking Dimock: A Glass Full of Gas Water


If the case of groundwater contamination by natural gas drilling in Dimock, Pennsylvania sets precedent for how the state deals with damaged private water wells, they may not require that the party responsible for the contamination restore your water permanently, […]

Chesapeake Energy Misinformed Shareholders About Impact of Well Blowout

Natural gas drilling at night. photo: Joshua B. Pribanic

Chesapeake’s Environmental Assessment of Well Blowout is Attained Through a Conflict of Interest In an October 15, 2011 news release, Chesapeake Energy stated “the public was never in danger ” when a well blowout, also called a well […]