The Safety of Radioactive Energy: Nuclear Relicensing Across the U.S.

Trojan Nuclear Plant at Ranier on the Columbia River. Built by the Portland General Electric Company Under an Aec Permit, the Project Has Met Stiff Opposition From Environmentalists and Others 05/1973. photo: U.S. National Archives

by CIR Danger Zone: Aging nuclear reactors Despite the Fukushima catastrophe in Japan last March, nuclear power is experiencing a rebirth in the United States. Billions of dollars in federal funding has been allocated to develop nuclear capacity; […]

What Nuclear Waste is Doing Right Now, Cold Fusion, and China’s Investment for Natural Gas


VIDEO: Nuclear Waste and the Race for Resources by energyNOW! [ASSURAS] Thousands of tons of waste from nuclear power plants. Who wants that in their back yard? Could salt caverns deep below the surface be the safest solution? […]