The Wall: Freddie Mac Avoids Scrutiny of Internal Firewall


Freddie Mac Didn’t Set Out to Profit from Homeowners Trapped in High-Rate Mortgages by Cora Currier for ProPublica Mortgage giant Freddie Mac did not keep homeowners trapped in high-interest loans in order to boost profits on billions of dollars’ worth […]

A New Group Profits by Preventing Foreclosure Debt Relief

photo: Wikimedia Commons

Texas firm targets Calif. homeowners with foreclosed 2nd mortgages by Rick Jurgens for California Watch Adding new uncertainty in the state’s ongoing mortgage crisis, a Texas company is aggressively pursuing hundreds of Californians to collect second-mortgage debt – on homes […]

Wall Street Modification Plans for Homeowners: Is it a Black Hole for Interest & Fees?

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Raging against the foreclosure machine ‘Kafkaesque’ nightmares plague homeowners facing foreclosure by Ben Hallman for iWatch News Like millions of stories from the great recession, this one begins with homeowners struggling to keep up with a mortgage payment […]

Using the Colorado River for Suburban Sprawl in Arizona

VIDEO: LOST IN SPRAWL Threatened by suburban development, a fourth-generation farmer documents his family’s doomed legacy with time-lapse video. By Thomas Gorman for The Ration When artist Matt Moore returned to his family farm outside Phoenix, signs of […]

Reporter Joaquin Sapien is Interviewed by PBS for Chinese Tainted Drywall Series

“The CPSC or the lawyers involved, the experts that they’ve hired as part of this massive litigation, still have not figured out what exactly is in the drywall that’s causing it to offgas, which is a big problem because that means we don’t necessarily know that we can prevent this from happening again in the future.”