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Permit Allows Fracking Waste Storage in Backyards, Community Fights Back

Dick Stedge puts the East Township supervisors on the spot for not disclosing a certified letter from Chesapeake Energy regarding a waste permit application. photo: jbpribanic

Correction: DEP’s record office originally informed Public Herald and our sources that only 28 WMGR123 permits were issued for the entire state. But upon further questioning our #fileroom File Team confirmed that this permit file is handled differently […]

After 22 Years EPA Changes Pesticide Protections for Farmworkers, But Don’t Expect Growers to Post About It


Long-awaited EPA pesticide protections a ‘mixed bag’ for farmworkers by Ronnie Greene for Public Integrity  Ushering in what it called “milestone” changes to better protect the nation’s farmworkers from pesticides, the Environmental Protection Agency this week proposed a […]

Video Project Uses Poetry to Expose Crimes


Whispers from the Field If America’s fields could speak, what stories would they tell about sexual abuse migrant women face? That’s the question that poet Monica Mendoza asks in the Off/Page Project’s inaugural video, “Whispers from the Field.” […]

Money, Money Everywhere: $185 Mil. to Over 1,000 Nonprofits After Citizens United Decision

This is the logo used by Progress Kentucky, a SuperPAC formed in December 2012 to oppose the re-election of Sen. Mitch McConnell. photo: Jarrett Horvath

Top U.S. corporations funneled $185 million to political nonprofits Company filings shine light on dark money by Michael Beckel for Public Integrity The U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling in 2010 did not, as some warned, […]

The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in Greenland

Iceberg in Rødefjord (Scoresby Sund), Greenland. photo: Hannes Grobe

In Greenland, Melting Ice Caps May Actually Be a Good Thing  by Journeyman Pictures Greenland Goes Green (2007): How the melting of Arctic ice is spurring an agricultural resurgence in Greenland (but reindeer herding is now more complicated […]

10 Reasons Why Medical Malpractice Suits Never See a Courtroom


Ten Patient Stories: When Attorneys Refused My Medical Malpractice Case by Marshall Allen and Olga Pierce for ProPublica After surgery on her ankle, Jeanine Thomas suffered a potentially deadly bacterial infection that required seven more operations to save her leg and nearly […]

Pacific Bluefin Tuna One Year After Populations Drop 96% From Unfished Levels

Pacific bluefin tuna at Kasai Rinkai Park, Tokyo, Japan. photo: Wikimedia Commons

Why bluefin tuna have no ‘fair’ price The bluefin tuna auctioned off this weekend in Japan was comparatively ‘cheap’, but the price can’t be used as a yardstick for its conservation status by Emma Bryce for theguardian Each January for […]

Video Report: Drinking Water Contaminated for 300,000 Residents in West Virginia After Chemical Spill

photo: JJ Harrison

West Virginia Water Woes: 36 Hour Recap by David Boucher & Elaine Mcmillion for Charleston Daily Mail West Virginia stands in a state of emergency after a potentially harmful chemical spilled into a local river and contaminated the […]

Oil & Gas Worker Deaths Increase Over 100 Percent Since 2009

Oil and gas worker on a rig during a shoot for the fracking documentary Triple Divide. photo: jbpribanic

On-The-Job Deaths Spiking As Oil Drilling Quickly Expands by Andrew Schneider & Marilyn Geewax for NPR  Blue-collar workers, hit hard by automation and factory offshoring, have been struggling to find high-paying jobs. One industry does offer opportunity: As baby […]