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Photography: Fracking State Forests

Public Herald contributing artist John Nicholson captures audio of an active drill rig on state forest land. photo: Kyle Pattison

In late spring Public Herald contributing artists set out at dusk with cameras in hand to document fracking in Pennsylvania's Tiadaghton State Forest, where activity has recently increased after Governor Tom Corbett opened up new development on public lands.

Photographing The Forgotten

Screenshot image of photo by Wesaam Al-Badry, from "The Forgotten"

Society’s Marginalized Documented by Country-less Photojournalist If you are cursed with having a television,* you’ve probably seen those terrible commercials asking for donations for poor, hungry children overseas. No one in those commercials ever really explains why the children […]

Dear Governor Cuomo: Sincerely, John Medeski

John Medeski. photo: wordloaf

  Sincerely, John By Laurel Dammann, Melissa Troutman, & Joshua Pribanic for Public Herald Listen to Podcast: John Medeski Interview “Artists Against Fracking” Summer 1969, half a million people gathered on a dairy farm in upstate New York […]

The Carolina Chocolate Drops: New Album “Leaving Eden”

Winner of the "Traditional Folk Grammy," the Carolina Chocolate Drops performing at the annual Dam Show in Austin, PA. © Joshua B. Pribanic

Full Interview » Podcast: Carolina Chocolate Drops Carolina Chocolate Drops are sweet – but they’re not something to eat. You have to take them in with your ears, your feet, your skin, and your mouth if you’re prone […]

Light the Daffodil Canon: Avey Tare Performs Live

Avey Tare performing live at Club Cafe in Pittsburgh. © Joshua B. Pribanic

Avey Tare (a.k.a. David Portner) released his solo debut, Down There, in 2010. It spoke in swamp to a cloud of critics that lamplighted it for intense, dark, heavy, experimental and soggy sound motion. I’d say the album blows […]

Future Unknown: Praying for the Health and Safety of My Family

Melissa Troutman walking on a well pad in the marshlands play, near her home in Potter County. photo: Joshua B. Pribanic

Editorial I was moving from Virginia to Colorado in the summer of 2010 when I stopped for a visit at my family’s home, adjacent to the Susquehannock State Forest in northcentral Pennsylvania. That’s when I heard the words […]

Poetry: A Hunter’s Bird


I You live on these mountains, these Alleghenies, among the laurel— imbued with its same tenacious, rugged beauty and toughness— and the bedrock: sandstone and quartzite, –sheltered by long forgotten flags of maple and oak inextricable with the […]

A Lesson in Ecovillages: How “The Farm” Fared in the 21st Century


VIDEO: THE FARM Their idealism gave rise to the local and organic food movement. Some stayed, most left. It’s been forty years since busloads of hippies caravanned to Tennessee to go “back to the land,” and create a commune — The Farm. The seeds they planted helped give rise to today’s organics movement.

Art: Brian Brown Exhibition in Pittsburgh


I’m fascinated by the notion of “possessions”. Not like the Demonic kind, but the kind that you keep. I’ll buy a chair at an antique store because I don’t like the chairs at IKEA. I have to have the right chair because it’s mine after I buy it, and if I like it then it’s something close to me. “Mine” is what you call yourself to others. After a few years I’ll have a room full of things that are me.

Whitebark Pine Trees In Danger of Extinction from Climate Change


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service found that thewhitebark pine tree should be listed as threatened or endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act. Specifically, the Service concluded that the threats whitebark faces, including climate change, are of such a high magnitude and are so pressing that whitebark pine is in danger of extinction.