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Dark Matter: EPA Tackles Conflicts of Interest on Scientific Panels


EPA adds safeguards to spotlight conflicts on scientific panels by David Heath for The Center for Public Integrity The Environmental Protection Agency announced new safeguards Friday to prevent conflicts of interest or bias from tainting its science, including […]

Part 1 of “Fracking Road Trip” Series: Truthout Documents Fracking Across the States

A frack sand processing plant in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin. photo: Mike Ludwig

The Mines That Fracking Built by Mike Ludwig for This story is the first installment of Truthout’s Fracking Road Trip series on the wide-reaching impacts of the fracking industry.   The bluffs rise up gently from the rolling […]

Fracking’s “New Saudi Arabia”

Mississippi River from Fire Point Overlook, Allamakee County. photo: J. Stephen Conn

Sand Land: Fracking Industry Mining Iowa’s Iconic Sand Bluffs In New Form Of Mountaintop Removal A collaborative report by Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog and Trisha Marczak of Mint Press News Within immediate vicinity of a central battleground of the […]

Fertilizer Institute Lobbied Against Legislation for Safer Chemical Facilities

explosion1. photo: The Bay Area's News Station

Fertilizer trade group opposed stricter security rules by Jim Morris for The Center for Public Integrity Like many, the Fertilizer Institute, a trade group, has extended its condolences to the people of West, Texas, where a blast at a fertilizer plant […]

Sign of the Salamander

Hellbender. photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service- Northeast Region

Hellbender Salamanders: Giant Indicators of Clean Water by The Allegheny Front LISTEN TO FULL SHOW:  Each summer since 2007, Eric Chapman leads a team out intoLittle Mahoning Creek in Indiana, Pa. They risk life and limb hoisting rocks the […]

No Whistling: Whistleblower Activites Potentially Criminalized in Pennsylvania

First Amendment. photo: mr_mayer

Bill would limit whistleblower activities on PA farms by Natasha Khan for Public Source Chickens crammed into wire cages next to the rotting carcasses of other chickens.  The floor of a barn coated with flies. Hens with their […]

Watched: Jacquelyn Kingsley saw “Triple Divide”


Triple Divide is a tremendously moving film. To hear landowners and farmers speak of having their land rights and human rights violated was powerful and upsetting. I appreciate their willingness to honestly describe what they're going through. Their testimonies, along with the demonstration at the beginning of the film of how fracking representatives approach landowners, give audiences an idea of our collective vulnerability to the manipulations and deceptions of an uncaring and immoral industry. However, at the end of the film, one man's clarion call reminds us that we can always develop our collective strength. I love the bold and inspiring declaration of the landowner who says he will not succumb without a fight. That's what we all have to do to the extent that we are able: intelligently and peacefully resist. I think it's great that the film emphasizes the importance of high quality and exceptional streams and bodies of water that are being threatened by fracking operations and a lack of state protection. Perhaps the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) should be prosecuted for failing to punish industry/ company violations of the commonwealth laws in its state and endangering these vital water sources, aquifers, and thus the public health. Hopefully, residents will place more pressure on the DEP to execute its responsibilities in a more transparent and timely fashion. Triana Energy should refer to themselves not as "21st Century Explorers" but as 21st Century Colonizers. In fact, all of the natural gas companies depicted in the film could be labeled as 21st Century Colonizers as their profit-driven and short-term interests drive their destructive exploitation of already established communities.

Despite History of Environmental Protection, California Lags on Fracking

Fracking for shale gas in the US. photo: Nigel Hawtin

Hydraulic Fracking in California: New Report Addresses Wastewater and Potential Water Impacts by Jayni Foley Hein for Legal Planet: The Environmental Law and Policy Blog   Today, Berkeley Law released a new report on hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in California, […]