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We’re writing grants, talking to foundations, and getting ready to bring + Truth to the public in 2013. Above is an illustration about a website that can join the Community and Journalist in an online open source platform for sharing interests. Anyone can help share ideas (see below) or donate to this collaborative effort. You can read more about where the Artist fits into the vision by visiting our + Creativity page.

You can +(add) TRUTH via Public Herald (PH) for the Public Good right here, right now. How?

Anytime you see “+Truth” on PH it means we think this report is worth supporting. Please help +Truth reports reach their goals in any way you can.

Whether you are a novice or veteran investigative journalist, you can submit your media to Public Herald.

Public Herald is in the process of building its +TRUTH and + CREATIVITY platforms, where your project can be pitched for funding. For now, when your project is accepted, it will be featured on Public Herald’s home page – front and center – via other platforms. We’ll also blast you through all of our social media wormholes – Tweeter, Bookface, Flickstar, V-I-M-E-O, and all the rest.

Yours could be next!

*For suggestions about how to pitch your idea, use this form:

Would you like to sponsor a story that you think is important? For a list of investigations that are in need of support, see our highlights of + Truth on the homepage or in any article sidebars.

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