Public Herald is a nonprofit organization dedicated to investigative journalism in the public interest. Our independent group of journalists and artists work with communities who face challenging conditions to tell their stories through engaging online journalism and multimedia projects. We are focused on accountability where people are silenced by the abuse of power from government, industry, social or environmental circumstances.

The Mission: to support and conduct investigative journalism in the public interest; to educate; to finance; and to provide an outlet for citizen engagement concerning community interest and needs.

We strive to work in collaborative public environments, hoping for a new model of investigative journalism that unites the Community, the Artist and the Journalist on a mission to report the truth where injustice threatens the public good.

Our long term goals are to provide platforms for citizens to define problems and form solutions while sharing resources and inspiration. We hope to provide funding in the future to communities who need help sharing their stories. Read more about our Vision.

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